Mira Kagami (鏡 魅羅)

Voiced by: Rei Igarashi
Height: 169 cm
Birthdate/Sign: November 15, 1979
Blood type: O
Measurements: B90-W60-H89
Club: None
Phone number: Unknown

Mira Kagami (鏡 魅羅 Kagami Mira) is the beautiful ice queen of Kirameki Private High School, complete with her own fan club of lackeys following her around. If the player can get past her cold exterior, however, he will find that she is actually a warm and caring sister to her many siblings.

She admits in her ending that she put up her uncaring front because she was spurned in junior high, and afraid to let her feelings show.

Special EventsEdit

Game AppearancesEdit

Other Media AppearancesEdit

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